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Thanks for stopping by. Let me introduce myself and why I'm all about this travel blog focused on Rome. Keep reading to get the lowdown.

About – Who am I?

I'm Fanny, a french girl who's all about reinventing herself wherever she goes. I've got this thing for jotting down my travel adventures, tasting new cuisines, connecting with locals, and soaking in different cultures. Basically, I'm on a mission to explore all the awesome stuff our planet has to offer!

I thrive on changing my scenery, which pretty much makes me a die-hard travel junkie. I'm all about laughter, busting out some questionable dance moves (think frog), indulging in good food, and feeling the freedom of nature or the buzz of big cities.

Five years ago, I wanted to combine my passion for travel with my professional life. Since then, I've been working all around the world, in the travel industry! One day, I was offered to go to Rome to take some pictures, which allowed me to show another facet of my personality.

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The first time I discovered Rome and the Vatican

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Well, my first time there was memorable. How surprising is this city! It's beautiful out there, it's like an open-air museum. I've never seen a city like this before. You can eat anywhere, the choice is huge. You can imagine how much I loved that.

Rome is also home to cultural monuments that bring together visitors from all around the world. It has always sparked the interest of travelers. And now I understand why.

Now let me tell you, Rome is pretty crowded. And it's normal. Who would not want to visit the heart of Christianity, the impressive Vatican Museums? Or even the Colosseum, one of the 7 wonders of the world? I wanted to and so do you.

A trip to Rome needs to be prepared beforehand. If you want to get the most of your time there, planning your visits day by day is something you should really consider. That’s what I did.

I spent 4 days there and I knew exactly what I wanted to see and when I wanted to see it. By that I mean I got all my tickets online, which helped me a lot with the organization. Knowing the time of your visits allows you not to waste hours queuing, but also to know how to continue.

About this blog

I’ve heard many stories from people who traveled to Rome. Some of them were disappointed because they got no chance to enter the Vatican. Some had their day's schedule disrupted because they spent several hours in line to visit the St Peter’s Basilica.

Unlike others, my stay was rather successful. I told myself that I would like everyone to have the same memory I had of a trip to Rome. I think I can help each of you to prepare your visits well, to have all the keys and the best advice to simply make the most of Rome !

You’ll just need to follow the guide…

I wish you an excellent reading and I hope to hear back from you after your stay in Rome.

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