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Vatican telescope info

All About Vatican City Telescope & Castel Gandolfo Observatory

Castel Gandolfo is a town located to the southeast of Rome, and has been the place where the Pope traditionally spends summer. The 135 acre Papal Summer Palace estate - known in Italian as the Palazzo Apostolico di Castel Gandolfo - is found here. But the 8000 person town is also home to the Vatican [...]

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Vatican Grottoes Guide

Vatican Grottoes: How to visit the Tomb of Popes in Rome

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The Creation of Adam hands

Michelangelo the Creation of Adam: All about Sistine Chapel Painting

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Vatican Gallery of maps

Vatican Gallery of Maps Ceiling & All about Map Room Vatican

This stunning room is perhaps even more beautiful than the exhibits in it! Scratch that. Everything is stunning! If you are in the Vatican Museums and on the way to the Sistine Chapel DO NOT treat the Gallery of Maps like a corridor! It is a whole experience in itself! The Short History of the [...]

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The Belvedere torso

The Belvedere Torso Sculpture Dimensions, History & Facts

Located within the wonderful Vatican Museums, the Belvedere Torso is definitely worth stopping at when visiting the Vatican City. The Belvedere Torso history is not 100% known, but it is thought that the torso sculpture has been in Rome since at least the 15th century. This headless, armless and legless statue has more impact than [...]

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Audience of the Pope statue resurrection

The Vatican Resurrection Statue Meaning & Details about Sculptor

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St Peter's Square view

St Peter’s Square Rome Vatican Architecture, Fountains & Restaurants

The fabulous St Peter’s Square, Vatican City is something you must see when visiting Rome. It’s also a great free attraction, so being on a budget is no excuse not to visit! Read on to discover all about the history, obelisk, and architecture. CORONAVIRUS - Updates on the current situation St. Peter’s Basilica opens at [...]

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Michelangelo pieta

Michelangelo’s La Pieta: Meaning, Facts & Complete Analysis

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School of Athen's Painting by Raphael

School of Athens Painting Characters, Location & Details about Artist

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vatican library room

Dive into the Vatican Library Collection, Secrets and Apostolic Archives…

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