Sistine Chapel

How to visit the Sistine Chapel

The Creation of Adam hands

Michelangelo the Creation of Adam: All about Sistine Chapel Painting

If this Creation of Adam painting looks familiar, it is probably because you have seen it before. If you have been lucky enough to visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel in person, you will have seen the masterpiece for yourself. But even if you have never had the good fortune to visit the [...]

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sistine chapel tickets

Sistine Chapel Tickets : How to visit the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City ?

This famous masterpiece is known the world over for its magnificent frescos. And those with Sistine Chapel tickets will experience a sensory overload on entry as they find themselves surrounded by stunning pictures on the walls and ceilings of the chapel. The 15th century artwork includes Michelangelo’s depictions of Moses and Jesus, with portraits of [...]

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best time to visit the Vatican

The best time to visit the Vatican City : Our tips on to avoid the queue

You are looking to find the best time to visit the Vatican ? Read the article below :) Millions of people stream into the Vatican every year, drawn by the wonderful art in the Vatican Museums, the stunning St Peter’s Square and Basilica and the chance of catching a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of the Pope himself. [...]

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