Castel Gondolfo

How to visit the Castel Gondolfo

Vatican telescope info

All About Vatican City Telescope & Castel Gandolfo Observatory

Is there’s a telescope in the Vatican? Castel Gandolfo is a town located to the southeast of Rome, and has been the place where the Pope traditionally spends summer. The 135 acre Papal Summer Palace estate - known in Italian as the Palazzo Apostolico di Castel Gandolfo - is found here. But the 8000 person [...]

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Castel Gandolfo Tickets : How to visit the Pontifical Residence

The picturesque town of Castel Gandolfo is also home to the Pope’s former summer residence - the Pontifical villas and the beautiful Barberini Gardens. It’s a nice place to explore if you are interested in the Vatican’s extra territorial buildings, and the gardens in particular are a real delight. The papal apartments also include a [...]

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