General informations

All the informations you need to know before visiting the Vatican City

papal audience Vatican pope

Papal audience schedule: All you need to know to see the Pope

You are wondering what is Papal Audience Schedule ? The Papal Audience is held weekly on a Wednesday and draws in tens of thousands of people who flock to the Vatican City to hear the pontiff address the crowds and receive his blessing. From the devout to the slightly curious, the crowd is delighted with [...]

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Vatican statues guide

38 Most Famous Vatican Statues (Indoor & Outdoor Sculptures)

The Vatican statues are definitely amongst the most interesting things on display in this vast museum. Alongside art, maps, paintings, and other treasures, hundreds of famous and lesser-known statues at the Vatican are complemented with nearly as many sculptures. For the first-time visitor, it can be extremely overwhelming! Here we will give you an overview [...]

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Easter mass Vatican guide

Easter Mass Vatican City: Dress Code, Tips & Tickets

Do you need Easter Mass Vatican tickets? Is attendance only available for Vatican citizens? How do I get there? Should I reserve in advance? We will answer these questions and more in our Vatican Easter Mass guide. Let’s waste no time and get stuck right in. When Is The Pope Easter Mass At The Vatican? [...]

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Vatican Obelisk square

Vatican Obelisk St Peter’s Square: History Facts, Inscriptions & More

The Vatican Obelisk might not be top of mind when you go to Rome – but its an interesting sight, more so if you understand the history. If you haven’t read up on it, then read on. Let’s start by understanding just why a massive obelisk at the Vatican is there anyway. It’s important to [...]

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Vatican dress code explained

Vatican Dress Code For Women, Men & Kids

It is important to take note of the Vatican dress code before you visit - it is likely you will get turned away if you do not pay attention to the requirements. In fact, the Vatican states that “Admission to the Museums is allowed only to properly dressed visitors”. The Holy See is home to [...]

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Vatican secret rooms explained

Vatican Secret Rooms, Art, Books, Documents & More

Visiting the Vatican City? We’re jealous! It is such an amazing trip! Whether you decide to visit on an organized tour - including with skip the line tickets - or on your own, there is so much to see. In fact, there is so much to do in the Vatican that you can’t possibly do [...]

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The Holy Lance history

Holy Lance: Spear That Pierced Jesus Explained

Along with the Ark of the Covenant and the Grail, the Holy Lance is one of the sacred relics of the Christian world. As Jesus hung on the cross, the Romans prepared to break his legs in order to hasten his death. Just before they did this, they realised that Jesus was already dead, and [...]

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The Holy Stairs in Rome

Holy Stairs in Rome: History, Meaning & Guidelines for Visiting

Located in a little church across the road from the St John The Lateran Basilica - the seat of the Pope - are the 28 Holy Stairs Rome known as the Scala Sancta. Legend has it that these stairs are the exact ones that Jesus climbed on the way to his trial in Jerusalem. The [...]

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Vatican coins explained

Vatican Coins: Everything You Need to Know About Papal Coins

Let's learn more about Vatican coins together. But first... The Vatican City is a strange concept to get your head around. Entirely surrounded by Rome - surrounded by a 2-mile border - it is the smallest country in the world. However, it is pretty self-sufficient in terms of things like administration and currency. The Vatican [...]

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Vatican at night guide

Visit the Vatican at Night: Best Tour of Your Life

Simply put, the Vatican at night is wonderful! You may be surprised to find out that the Vatican City attractions are not a 9-5 operation! You can visit the Vatican museum at night. It’s a thing. In this guide, we will give you some insights into how to do it. There are several options, from [...]

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