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sistine chapel tickets

Sistine Chapel tickets: how to visit the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City?

This famous masterpiece is known the world over for its magnificent frescos. And those with Sistine Chapel tickets will experience a sensory overload on entry as they find themselves surrounded by stunning pictures on the walls and ceilings of the chapel. The 15th century artwork includes Michelangelo’s depictions of Moses and Jesus, with portraits of [...]

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vatican museum tickets

Vatican museum tickets: what you need to know for your visit

The Vatican Museums are an expansive network of museums within the Vatican City, and those with Vatican Museum tickets will be delighted to explore the miles upon miles of art, sculptures, frescoes and much more on offer during their visit. Read on to explore the highlights that can be encountered on one of the many [...]

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castel gandolfo tickets tour

Castel Gondolfo tickets: how to visit the Pontifical Residence

The picturesque town of Castel Gandolfo is also home to the Pope’s former summer residence - the Pontifical villas and the beautiful Barberini Gardens. It’s a nice place to explore if you are interested in the Vatican’s extra territorial buildings, and the gardens in particular are a real delight. The papal apartments also include a [...]

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vatican tickets Museum rome

Vatican tickets: your guide on what to visit in the Vatican City Museums

The Vatican Museums are a vast network stuffed with exhibits, displays and art. There are so many interesting nooks and crannies to explore here, and access to the majority of museums is included as standard in most Vatican City tickets. Check out our guide on what to visit in the Vatican City museums to make [...]

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papal audience Vatican pope

Papal audience schedule: all you need to know to see the Pope

The Papal Audience is held weekly on a Wednesday and draws in tens of thousands of people who flock to the Vatican City to hear the pontiff address the crowds and receive his blessing. From the devout to the slightly curious, the crowd is delighted with the appearance of the Pope, which due to the [...]

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best time to visit the Vatican

The best time to visit the Vatican City: our tips on to avoid the queue

Millions of people stream into the Vatican every year, drawn by the wonderful art in the Vatican Museums, the stunning St Peter’s Square and Basilica and the chance of catching a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of the Pope himself. It’s to be expected therefore that in the peak summer season it is sometimes possible to experience queues [...]

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reasons to visit the Vatican

Reasons to visit the Vatican – why you cannot pass it by on a visit to Rome

This mini country may be small, but The Vatican is absolutely stuffed to the gills with splendid attractions. Culture buffs will be delighted to discover that The Vatican City is basically one exceptionally ornate museum! From the big hitting must-see Vatican attractions such as the frescoes of Sistine Chapel to lesser known points of interest, [...]

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