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Vatican skip the line tickets : How to visit Vatican’s essentials?

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Looking for Vatican skip the line tickets ? You are not alone ! Literally millions of people visit the Vatican annually, pulled in by the plethora of attractions on offer. It’s no surprise then that the queues can sometimes be painfully long, stretching around the buildings of the Vatican Museums and lasting up to two hours in the summer months!

It’s enough to make any prospective visitor groan, but if you pick your visit slot and season wisely you can minimise the impact of the lines.

Read on now for our guide on how to get Vatican fast track tickets and find out which Vatican skip the line tour is best for those looking to best use their time when in the Vatican.

Vatican skip the line Tickets – How to best organize your trip?

vatican skip the line tickets st peters basilica

Don't stand in line

To minimise the time spent in a queue, we always recommend booking in advance and organising your itinerary well ahead of time.

There are a number of excellent Vatican Skip the Line tickets on offer (check on this webiste) that will help you whizz past the hundreds of tourists queuing for their entry ticket.

This is especially important for entry into the museums, queues for which can be hours long in the summer for those with a standard entry ticket.

Avoid last-minute purchases tickets

Another reason we would recommend the Vatican skip the line tickets is to keep yourself protected from ticket touts and panic buying.

You may be tempted to grab the opportunity from a ticket tout if you are standing for a long time in a queue, but these are not legitimate methods with which to enter the Vatican Museums!

So, make it easy for yourself and your trip companions by booking your fast track tickets in advance!

How to visit the Vatican Museums?

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The vast network of museums as the Vatican Museums is one of the main reasons millions of people visit the Vatican every year. Whether you take a self-guided trip (like this one) or book a Vatican skip the line tour, you will not be disappointed at the art, tapestries, maps, sculptures and architecture on display at the Vatican Museums.

Open from Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm, with special late night opening on selected Friday nights, the Museums are a busy attraction. On the last Sunday of every month the Vatican museums are free to visit, but close at 2pm and are too crowded to enjoy in their full glory.

Vatican City travel tips Tip for Vatican skip the line Tickets

Our tips for enjoying a visit to the Vatican Museums – book yourself some Vatican fast track tickets or better still a Vatican skip the line tour for the quickest way to see the exhibits.

The extra you will pay will surely outweigh the amount of time spend queuing by those who don’t have similar access.

For the full lowdown on how to best visit the Vatican Museums, head over to our exclusive guide, stuffed with the best hints and tips for visiting the Vatican.

How to visit the Vatican Gardens?

vatican garden skip the line tickets

The stunning Vatican Gardens are absolutely worth a visit if you are visiting the Vatican City. This network of manicured gardens take up more than half of the territory of the Vatican City, and is a real joy to visit for its stunning landscaping and unrivalled views over Saint Peter’s basilica.

Located within the Vatican City, the Vatican Gardens are open between 9am and 6pm every day, apart from on Sundays and Wednesdays when they close for maintenance and privacy reasons.

Vatican City travel tips Tip for saving time

The most important tip to know about the Vatican Gardens is that not just anyone can get access – you need to have pre-booked a Vatican skip the line tour specifically for the Vatican Gardens, and there are only a limited number of tickets available daily, so make sure you book in advance.

You’ll be please to know too that your Vatican Gardens tickets will include entry to the Vatican Museums too! For all the details you could possibly need about the Vatican Gardens, check out our Vatican Gardens guide !

How to visit the Sistine Chapel?

vatican fast track tickets chapel sistine

Featuring highly on many a must-see list of things to do in the Vatican City is the glorious Sistine Chapel.

This 15th Century chapel is best known for its fantastic frescos by Michelangelo depicting scenes from the Bible and the end of days, and is also the place where the Pope is crowned.

A walk around here will surely hurt your neck and jaw as you gape upward at some of the most famous artworks in history.

Vatican City travel tips Tip for Vatican fast track Tickets

As a top attraction the Sistine Chapel is on everyone’s list of things to see, and you can access it from the Vatican Museums, so we would again recommend some Vatican fast track tickets (check last prices here) to make the most of your time here.

Better still, book one of the Vatican skip the line tours with an experienced tour guide to truly get the most out of the experience.

The Sistine Chapel opening hour’s mirror those of the Vatican Museums as both attractions are usually experienced together.

How to visit the St Peter’s Basilica?

fast tickets saint peters basilica rome

The stunning St Peter’s Basilica is a must see for many, and is actually one of the few free attractions at the Vatican City.

Situated in the vast St Peter’s square, the Basilica features a gorgeous chapel and also a (pay on entry) dome at the top that affords fabulous views over the square and Rome beyond.

Vatican City travel tips Tip for the shortcut (no need of Vatican skip the line tickets)

Although there is no need for tickets – even those with Vatican skip the line tickets will still have to queue at security, there is a little tip we can give you.

Take a sneaky shortcut from the museums on round to St Peter’s Basilica, which will save you a long walk. The shortcut is however officially only for those with Vatican skip the line tour tickets.

The basilica is open from 7am until 6pm every day apart from Wednesdays, when it remains closed until the papal audience is finished.

How to visit the Raphael Rooms ?

vatican skip the line tickets Raphael rooms

The stunning Raphael Rooms are a spectacular sight in the Vatican. The residence of former Pope Julius II has stunning frescos painted by Raphael, and are a lovely place to explore for their ornate features.

Located in the papal palace and open to the public, the four fantastic rooms are open at the same hours as the Vatican Museums.

To really avail of the best experience on offer at the Raphael Rooms we recommend booking a skip the line tour and take the benefit of an experienced tour guide.

How to visit the Vatican Necropolis?

vatican skip the line tickets necropolis

The Vatican Necropolis is rumoured to be home to the body of St Peter as well as many other tombs, including those of many popes from the past.

Known as the Scavi and located deep in the ground underneath St Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Necropolis is well worth a visit, but is not included on any of the standard Vatican Museum tickets.

The site is so sacred that there are only a limited number of visitors permitted each day, and the last visit departs at 4.15pm in the summer months.

So, in order to visit the Vatican Necropolis you will need to book a special ticket in advance (see guided tour here). Note, children under 15 will not be permitted entry

Conclusion on the Vatican skip the line tickets guide

Our guide highlights the very best Vatican attractions just waiting to be explored! Now it’s over to you to plan your trip and secure your Vatican skip the line tickets in time for your vacation. We hope you enjoy every minute!

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