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How to best organize your Vatican trip

swiss guard vatican

Swiss Guard Vatican Facts & Secrets – Where to see them

The Swiss Guard – which is also known as the papal guard – is the equivalent of the army of the Vatican City. The mission of the Swiss Guards at the Vatican – taken as an oath – is to   protect the Pope and the Vatican City. In existence since the early 16th century, [...]

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vatican library room

Dive into the Vatican Library Collection, Secrets and Apostolic Archives…

Those who love it call it The Vat, but just what is the Vatican Library? Our guide will take you through all you need to know about the Vatican Library. This includes Vatican Library secrets, details about the Vatican Library Collection and much more. Officially established in the 15th century, the Vatican Library holds over [...]

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hotels near the vatican city

Hotels near the Vatican City : Where to stay near the Holy See ?

There is so much choice for accommodation near the Vatican, it is hard to get your head around which options are best! Whether you are a backpacker or a business person, a pilgrim or a millionaire you will find plenty of choice for hotels near the Vatican city. Check out our guide to help you [...]

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restaurants near vatican rome

Restaurants near the Vatican : Where to eat during your visit ?

Looking for restaurants near Vatican ? A lot of people don’t think about where to eat in in the Vatican City – most don’t even know it’s possible and assume they will visit the Museums and Basilica and then dine back in Rome. Here we will tell you all about the choice of cuisine on [...]

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where is the Vatican Header transport bus

Where is the Vatican and how to get there – Vatican public transport

The Vatican is a must-see attraction for all who visit Rome. Located north of the centre of Rome, the attractions of this city-state are easily navigated on foot, but understanding how to navigate the rest of Rome on the way to the Vatican can be …… tricky! Our guide will help you work out how [...]

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bus from vatican to fiumicino airport header

Vatican Airport Transfers: Vatican to Fiumicino and Ciampino Airport

Looking for a bus from Vatican to Fiumicino airport ? A visit to the Vatican is on many tourist’s list of things to do in Rome, and pilgrims in particular may be making a bee-line straight for the Vatican city and its must-see attractions on arrival at one of the nearest airport to the Vatican. [...]

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vatican skip the line tickets

Vatican skip the line tickets : How to visit Vatican’s essentials?

Looking for Vatican skip the line tickets ? You are not alone ! Literally millions of people visit the Vatican annually, pulled in by the plethora of attractions on offer. It’s no surprise then that the queues can sometimes be painfully long, stretching around the buildings of the Vatican Museums and lasting up to two [...]

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Roma pass St Peter's Square Vatican

Omnia Card vs Roma Pass vs Rome Tourist Card: Which is the best Vatican pass?

Since the majority of visitors to the Vatican will also check out some of Rome’s great attractions, a Rome Tourist Card is usually a fantastic option! If you are looking to get organized check out our guide to make your bookings as easy as possible. For those on a budget too, the Rome Tourist Card [...]

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best time to visit the Vatican

The best time to visit the Vatican City : Our tips on to avoid the queue

You are looking to find the best time to visit the Vatican ? Read the article below :) Millions of people stream into the Vatican every year, drawn by the wonderful art in the Vatican Museums, the stunning St Peter’s Square and Basilica and the chance of catching a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of the Pope himself. [...]

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visiting the vatican st peters square

Visiting the Vatican for the first time ? The best way to see the Vatican City

Visiting the Vatican? You’re not alone! 6 million visitors descend on the city-state every year, so you are right in guessing it can get a bit crowded. On top of that, there are a plethora of tour companies offering a wide range of types of tours. How is one to choose? Read on for our [...]

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