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Castel Gandolfo Tickets : How to visit the Pontifical Residence

The picturesque town of Castel Gandolfo is also home to the Pope’s former summer residence - the Pontifical villas and the beautiful Barberini Gardens. It’s a nice place to explore if you are interested in the Vatican’s extra territorial buildings, and the gardens in particular are a real delight. The papal apartments also include a [...]

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best time to visit the Vatican

The best time to visit the Vatican City : Our tips on to avoid the queue

You are looking to find the best time to visit the Vatican ? Read the article below :) Millions of people stream into the Vatican every year, drawn by the wonderful art in the Vatican Museums, the stunning St Peter’s Square and Basilica and the chance of catching a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of the Pope himself. [...]

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visiting the vatican st peters square

Visiting the Vatican for the first time ? The best way to see the Vatican City

Visiting the Vatican? You’re not alone! 6 million visitors descend on the city-state every year, so you are right in guessing it can get a bit crowded. On top of that, there are a plethora of tour companies offering a wide range of types of tours. How is one to choose? Read on for our [...]

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